What’s New In PUBG Mobile Mad Miramar?

What’s new in PUBG Mobile Mad Miramar? Let’s have a look at all the new stuff added to the upgraded Miramar.

Are you looking forward to a brand new Miramar? The desert map is back with a fresh look. It comes with PUBG Mobile 0.18.0. The new map aims to bring a new gaming experience. It does bring a lot of elements, for instance, a weather effect, a new location, Racetracks, etc. You can make use of these elements to fight your way to the ultimate victory. So, here is a guide that covers everything you need to know about the map.

What can you experience from PUBG Mobile Mad Miramar?

The mad desert map brings a wide range of new features, contents, and several changes. You can expect to enjoy them all to optimize your experience.

Get ready for an adventure to Ruins

Ruins is a brand new location on the northwestern side of the map. It is an ancient building with good loot. When you come here, you have to be careful because a gunfight in ruins is kind of tricky. This is due to its design that makes it look like a maze. However, if you could venture into it before anyone, you can loot many items.

A big sandstorm will chase you

Sandstorm is a special weather effect that is only exclusive to Mad Miramar. The devs added sandstorms to the map in order to create a cover for a big area. Because Miramar does not consist of many covers, this weather effect has become a top priority of the developers. You can make use of it to get a cover to move from area to area. This also helps you sneak up on opponents easily.

Mad Miramar in PUBG Mobile now has new Racetracks

Racetracks make your races more challenging. Now, you can enjoy various fan-made tracks where you can show off cool tricks as well as jumps. Drive a vehicle through the map and prove your skills.

Have an experience with Canted Sight then see how many kills you can get

The Canted Sight is a brand new attachment. You can add it to various guns, such as Snipers, SMGs, LMGs, shotguns, and Assault Rifles. It is a perfect scope for a close-range match.

PUBG Mobile Mad Miramar added a brand new results screen

You will see a “Detailed Results” screen where you can check all information about the weapon you used in the match. Besides, you can learn the statistics of matches.

Will you try using the Winchester with a 2.7x scope?

The Winchester is a useful gun now. It goes with a 2.7x scope, which makes it much better to use in some matches. Try to use it until you find another gun that is better than it.

Relax in Cheer Park

Hang around with your friends in Cheer Park. It is an entertainment park where players can take part in many fun activities, for instance, shooting, racing, interacting with each other, etc. You can even chat as well as make friends with new people.

Is PUBG Mobile Mad Miramar attractive enough to be worth your try? Make sure you start matches in an insane Miramar with sandstorms to prove your skills.

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