The New Diamond Currency In PUBG Mobile And How To Get It

Dive into the best introduction to the new diamond currency in PUBG Mobile and how to get it! Are you ready to uncover a cool addition to your game?

About diamond currency in PUBG Mobile

After the release date, we have UC. It is similar to the cash, in reality, used to unlock crates, level up vehicles, or obtain more weapon’s skins.

However, Tencent has already launched another currency. It is named Diamond.

Testers from the PUBG Mobile v0.18.0 beta has analyzed features not existing before. The diamond currency is an outstanding piece.

The new Diamond currency and how to get it in PUBG Mobile

The following guide will show you more about the new diamond currency in PUBG Mobile and how to get it.

Before you own the item, you’d better finish a set of missions or achievements. After completing, you will receive what you wait.

It’s possible to join the training mode within 10 minutes or 3 intense matches.

By playing games, you can earn them. A certain amount of diamonds will belong to you due to the completion of the respective objectives.

In case you cannot overcome challenges, it’s feasible to buy them with UC.

Advantages of Diamond Currency in PUBG on mobile

Diamond Currency is good at reducing the selection scope of stuff when you open a box.

For instance, we have something on the crate that you have just looted. With the presence of diamonds, you can block them from moving out of the drop list. So, you will only have the one you have not dropped.

After learning about the new diamond currency in PUBG Mobile and how to get it, you should save enough of these gems. Therefore, you can optimize the container instead of using it sparingly.

The reason developers kick Diamond off

Loot crates’ randomness in PUBG for mobile is one of the causes that make survivors feel confused about spending money.

With the existence of those precious gemstones, they can equip themselves with whatever they love.

In general, creating and adding Diamond Currency is a notable change from the team.

The instruction around the new diamond currency and how to get it in PUBG Mobile has ended up. We hope that it is considered a small tip that helps you understand more about your gaming experience. If you are excited about other exciting tutorials, you can access other sections right now. Have fun!

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