The Best Way To Find And Eliminate Bots In PUBG Mobile

Here is the fastest and the best way to find and eliminate bots in PUBG Mobile the game! Are you ready to explore and apply tips?

The role of bots inside PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile is a title based on PUBG PC or PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. It brings a massive online battle, including you and the other 99 competitors. The presence of bots will make up for the last few people wanted to start such a match.

It’s said that their existence will improve your experience. What’s more?

A comfortable environment:

Giving you an easy welcome, especially for the newbie, is considered a mission of developers. Remember that bots are extremely widespread at the low tier.

In fact, there are not many low skilled or new joiners. Additionally, if PUBG Mobile asks for 100-soldier battles, it takes more time to search for a playfield.

In case these newer guys are connected higher, to the matchmaking pool of talent survivors, they can feel difficult.

They are two issues that PUBG Mobile needs to offer a warm reception. So, they add bots.

The matching trouble is quite similar to each other. Participants in further areas will be dropped together to block anybody to get an unfair edge over the rest. The space for troopers that are not controlled by somebody will be filled if necessary.

The best way to find and eliminate bots in PUBG Mobile.

It is the best way to find and eliminate bots in PUBG Mobile. Before you can destroy those non-player characters, you should learn how to identify them.

Methods to spot bots at first glance

  • They have a unique movement pattern. They usually wander around the map calmly. Further, they often avoid chasing or surrounding someone that they see.
  • They often ignore the risk of running in open regions. Indeed, they will skip covers and hot positions. If you are a novice, you can witness them sprinting toward buildings without a gun. Whenever you shoot at their body, they all seemed calm strangely.
  • At a stronger level, bots love to stay away from houses while they are ideal locations to loot.
  • In addition to that behavior, they will never land on the top of a structure. They only roam around the construction. That is made not to affect your gameplay.

How to remove bots within PUBG Mobile

It is the second piece of the guide on the best way to find and eliminate bot in PUBG Mobile.

  • A bot or their allies frequently move around houses where you are hiding. You and the enemy can utilize them to lure the opponent or uncover the other side’ whereabouts.
  • Bots generally miss safe zones and behave as desperados. They don’t know how to hide or defend quickly if you fire at them.
  • Different from the real protagonists, they won’t loot whoever slain or steal items in crates.
  • They can appear suddenly in combat and near you.
  • They are good at revenge. If they are attacked surprisingly, they will realize the corner you stay and rapidly approach. Try to defeat them in one hit!
  • Be careful of protecting yourself if they have a DMR!
  • Chests from dead bots will offer interesting objects.

In summary, the best way to find and eliminate bots in PUBG Mobile is available. It will allow you to distinguish and choose the most appropriate tips to cope with them. Are you willing?


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