PUBG Mobile Tips To Maximize Your Kill And Survivability in Solo Vs Squad

Test 5 best tips to maximize your kill and the own survivability in PUBG Mobile: Solo Vs Squad! Use and see if how long you will beat teams by yourself!

Why do you need to find strategies in PUBG Mobile?

PUBG Mobile is a Battle Royale game based on the PC original, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Therefore, it gathers the full features. In which, you are required to fight and stay alive.

Although you can evade during combat, you may sometimes want to face-to-face real dangers. Don’t worry! Any map in PUBG on mobile will be able to offer what you expect. Not only that, there are various game modes.

We will talk about “Solo vs Squad”. Visit and experience that room you should destroy the other sides.

While playing alone against numerous groups is not easy, it is the way to improve your point. Actually, it’s not quick enough for the foes to eliminate each other.

If you intend to step into “Solo vs Squad”, you’d better check out the following guide.

5 tips to maximize your kill and survivability in PUBG Mobile Solo vs Squad

If you intend to participate in PUBG Mobile “Solo vs Squad”, you’d better check out the following tips. They are excellent to maximize your kill and survivability.

Do not attract the enemy!

It is the main tactic. So, you shouldn’t land in any hot spot. But, you can do that far from the flight path and on small unknown areas.

These positions can near a big town or a dangerous location. Hence, you can loot easier. Squads usually work depending on their numbers and hit a few of the hottest regions.

Additionally, don’t stay in the open space for too long! Make sure you prepare for a good shelter nearby. You can camp and wait for careless prey. Withdraw after killing one or two people.


It is a significant ability to defend your cover! Scouting supports you to carry out surprise attacks. You can throw a grenade to distract or remove the opponent.


Running away is one of the top PUBG Mobile tips to maximize your kill and survivability in Solo vs Squad. In case adversaries realize your whereabouts, it’s recommended attempt to escape or counterattack! You can defeat their squadmate and shoot at the one reviving him or both.

Unleashing a smoke grenade is suitable in the current circumstance.

In addition to that, fire at the man who continuously falls and stands up because he owns the lowest HP.

Remember to carry a UMP with a Sniper or an AKM or Marksman Rifle.


Always avoid being seen! As well, do not emit too many noises or sounds. Flightpath is a lethal zone among the list. Keep away from it and just move at the borders.

Locate you personally and maintain the supplies. You can ambush the target when they are reaching crates to rob.

Conquer the final circle

It is the hardest part. Lurk at the edge while parties join skirmishes. Don’t pop up!

Tips to maximize your kill and survivability in PUBG Mobile Solo vs Squad are practical and not tough to implement. If you have any other tricks apart from the existing strategies, you can share it with us now. Have fun!


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