PUBG Mobile Strategies To Use When Joining An Official Tournament

Explore and experience all of the strategies when joining an official tournament in PUBG Mobile below! It’s free and available for you to use now!

About PUBG Mobile: Official Tournament

PUBG Mobile developers have already produced many very big battlefields and these have occurred around the world. Meanwhile, the prize pool for the year 2020 is 5 million dollars.

They are split into different tiers. Therefore, everybody can take part in them and earn the money.

In case you want to engage in a competitive playfield and become a pro, you can start it instantly. Don’t forget to pick up some tactics!

5 best strategies to use when joining an official tournament of PUBG Mobile

You are approaching a great occasion. Remember to use the following PUBG Mobile strategies when you are in an official tournament!

Plan the drop point of teams in the lobby:

Knowing the most dangerous rivals and their dropping areas is useful to choose the safest territory for you. It’s possible to avoid engagements when you have no weapons or supplies!

Besides, you can adjust your drop position according to the present location. It will save you time and increase your survivability.

Divide the map:

It should base on the flight path. That analysis will help you evade unnecessary battles in Zone 3-5.


It is one of the excellent PUBG Mobile strategies to use when joining an official tournament. You and teammates need to gather in the same location. So, you can act and finish off the enemy faster. Additionally, it’s important for members in the squad to aid each other.

Find higher ground:

Stay away from facing the foes when they are in the high region unless you have no other choices. These areas create a considerable benefit because you will get a stronger angle to aim. Moreover, you are capable of viewing everything and covering your body.

Remain alive:

It is a necessary condition in PUBG Mobile or any Battle Royale games. If you are powerful enough, you can fight. However, you can keep away from dangers, camp, and wait to ambush. Be patient if you don’t have strong guns!

Surely, PUBG Mobile strategies to use when joining an official tournament that we show are really effective. It’s even helpful for beginners and skilled soldiers. Let’s seek out the rightful door and enter the battleground! Don’s ignore what you have captured and launch them properly! Good luck!

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