PUBG Mobile Lite India Download – Install PUBG Mobile Lite India

You won’t believe PUGB Mobile Lite India is available now on the application stores. The truth is Tencent has just released a lite version for India market. Install PUBG Mobile Lite India now!

Finally, Tencent Holdings has published a lite version for low-end smartphones. The game is pretty much the same as the PUBG Mobile Lite version number, it still have some reductions in graphic as well as functions to fit the specifications of the budget phones.

PUBG Mobile Lite India
PUBG Mobile Lite India

The Lite version was first launched for the American server only and aiming for devices that are limited in specs. The version only requires 2GB of ram and only need 466 MB in storage, which is more than half the size of the original Mobile app.

PUBG Mobile Lite Download

The PUBG Mobile Lite version of this game aims for budget or old flagship smartphones, so the gameplay and graphic would be decrease to fit the low specs of the phones. To be specific, the map is slightly dropped in size, which is now only 2x2km in size. The players surely can’t feel the full experience of playing in the original 8x8km field.

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Time for each match will drop slightly, too, as you surely will finish the 2km runway faster than the 8km one. The number of players in each match will only be limited to 40 people a match. You also cannot find as many weapons as you may see in the original game but don’t worry, you mighty Fry Pan will be available in all versions.

It that the Lite version of PUBG Mobile contains some glitches and bugs, which affect many users’ experiences. Those bugs hopefully will only available in Beta version of this game and will be fixed soon shortly.


PUGB Mobile Lite India server

Recently, PUBG Mobile Lite India server has been open and we can easily see that Tencent is planning to spread PUBG worldwide to developing countries in Asia and South America. This is the good news for those countries as the majority of people in those countries are using old smartphones or budget phones which is low in specification.

Install PUBG Mobile Lite India
PUBG Mobile Lite India server

Similar to the American server, the PUBG Mobile Lite India server does have the same characteristics. The reductions in graphics and functions in-game seem to be necessary for the budget or outdated smartphones. Some factors that you love from the original Mobile game can be missed just like in the other server.

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Install PUBG Mobile Lite India

Install PUBG Mobile Lite India
Install PUBG Mobile Lite India

It is easy for American and Indian players to get the lite version of the game. Install PUBG Mobile Lite India and America server in those countries are as simple as downloading any other apps, just visit the Google Play Store and search for PUBG Mobile Lite app. As this game is only available for Android, you cannot download it for your old iPhones or iPads.

How to download and install:
1. Download the APK File
2. Install the PUBG Mobile Lite APK on your phone.
3. You need a VPN ( used X-VPN ) to connect to the Philippines server.
4. Set your location, you can connect to the local server and play

With other countries that have not got their server yet, the installment can take time, however, it is not difficult as you follow the steps. Simply Install PUBG Mobile Lite India APK file that we provided on this site. Make sure your device is Android 4.0 or above that has at least 2GB in RAM, storage of more than 800MB.

After downloading, simply click on the file in the download folder for installing. You should grand the permission of unknown sources apps to be installed on your device. You also need to change VPN to play the game in India server, as the original VPN you are using reveals that you are not in India.

VPN changing tools are easy to find and can be download legally straight from the Play Store. So download the game now and forget the lack of specification on your phone!

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