PUBG Mobile Guide: Sensitivity Settings & “Three-Finger Claws” Setups

Welcome to the latest PUBG Mobile Guide! It will focus on two problems, settings for Sensitivity and setups for “Three-Finger Claws”. Hope you enjoyed it!

What is Three-Finger Claws in PUBG Mobile?

It is an important mechanism in PUBG Mobile, the mobile version of PUBG PC. It offers a convenient way to train your character. So, he will soon feel acquainted with Gyroscope and an additional claw usage in combat.

Meanwhile, Four-Finger Claws is called a professional method that almost people in-game expect to emulate. Then, you can get into some trouble with mastering that instantly. Therefore, it’s recommended to practice with “Three-Finger Claws” first.

PUBG Mobile Guide for Sensitivity settings with setups of Three-Finger Claws

There are two parts that revolved around the guide of Three-Finger Claws setups and sensitivity settings in PUBG Mobile. They will show you how to combine Gyroscope with the function you receive.

For Three-Finger Claws:

You should choose the left claw so you can move easily.

Most of the players will use the left thumb to roam and the first finger to shoot. The right thumb helps you jump, crouch, peek and expand the scope.

The relation between Gyroscope and Three-Finger Claws set

The Gyroscope is crucial to create a “three-finger claws” setup. In reality, the first and the third person no scope ought to be at 300% so as to go around rapidly. The Red Dot and 2x may be lower a little.

The sensitivity level for 3x can be about 200%. It’s essential to navigate the scope swiftly to track the opponent promptly.

For 6x or 8x scopes, select 60 and 20%. Nevertheless, the current option is adjustable, depending on your playing style. It’s advised to try it out in the training room.

For camera sensitivity systems

It is another interesting PUBG Mobile guide on sensitivity settings for Three-Finger Claws setups.

The most effective camera establishment for 3-finger claws is not similar to the one of the Gyroscope. In fact, the 3rd person with no scope will be often at 120% while the 1st person without scope is 100%. That is identical to the 2x scope. The remaining fragment, from Red Dot to 3x, 4x, 6x, 8x, is 56, 30, 20, 14, 12%.

We have already experienced a small trip around the brief PUBG Mobile guide on sensitivity settings and Three-Finger Claws setups. Hopefully, it is an advantageous tip for you to enhance your survivability! Good luck!

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