PUBG: How to win duo

It’s great to be with an ally to compete in PUBG’s duo mode. So how to win duo? In this article, I will introduce some tips to help you win more duos in PUBG.

PUBG: How to win duo
PUBG: How to win duo

PUBG is a popular role-playing game that has been known by many gamers in recent years. With the duo game mode, players can easily be paired with another teammate to compete. Unlike the solo mode, the duo mode makes the two players have to have a reasonable strategy to survive and win.

How to win a duo?

1. Choose to pair with someone “suitable”

Choose to pair with someone "suitable"
Choose to pair with someone “suitable”

If you’ve ever played with a friend and understood each other’s ideas, coordinated smoothly, there’s no need to think much but choose him or her right away. Of course, as long as they are online and the two meet up first.

Understanding each other’s ideas will be very beneficial during the fight. you can decide easier and more consistent in choosing the place of skydiving, deciding to attack or defend, when to get in the car, when to use the bomb, etc.

2. Skydiving location must be rich enough

Skydiving location must be rich enough
Skydiving location must be rich enough

So how to determine where the rich enough on the map? You can determine based on the playing experience you have. But you can rely on terrain when skydiving. You can choose places where many objects are gathered, such as houses, containers, temples, shooting ranges, etc. In general, these must be places that are large enough and gather lots of objects. The chance of appearing more items will be higher than enough to give you there.

3. The importance of “collecting supply boxes”

Perhaps playing in any form, gamers also want to earn a lot of supply boxes because that’s where the most genuine items are gathered. With playing duo, getting items in the “supply box” is even more important to help the team’s strength increase. “Full” stuff in grade 3, AWM, M249, Groza, AUG A3 or outfits (grass, monkey) … are always needed.

The importance of collecting supply boxes
The importance of collecting supply boxes pubg

4. Co-ordinate smoothly

Co-ordinate smoothly
Co-ordinate smoothly

If you have acquaintances before, who play each other and understand each other then that’s an advantage. But if it is auto-matching, it will be more difficult. However, you still have the means of communication is to use a microphone (voice chat) to be able to exchange information, know each other, discuss and give a reasonable way of fighting.

You can cover each other when attacking a suspicious building or area, share each other’s spoils, save (revive) your teammates when being “knocked”, decide when to attack or defend, etc.

Final Thoughts win duo in PUBG

How to win duo in PUBG? You already have the answer. Your mission is to follow the instructions above and win. Good luck.

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