Play PUBG Mobile on PC – Tencent Gaming Buddy – Android Emulator for PC

Play PUBG Mobile on PC – Tencent Gaming Buddy – Android Emulator for PC
Play PUBG Mobile on PC – Tencent Gaming Buddy

Love PUBG but afraid of paying too much? Why don’t you play PUBG Mobile on PC for free in a larger screen, this is possible if you use an Android Emulator for PC named Tencent Gaming Buddy.

PUBG is a Best PC Game that is played by millions of people in the world. It is known to be the fifth bestselling game, which has 50 million units sold worldwide. However, there are still plenty of players that want to play this game for free.

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The total fee for purchasing the game and register an account is $30, which is quite expensive for buying a game to many countries. Tencent Holdings then solved this problem by publishing the mobile version for free. However, there are still some players who still prefer the physical feeling of the keyboard and mouse.

Play PUBG Mobile on PC:



The solution for playing PUBG for free on PC are various, PUBG Corporation sometimes gives away free download and register license for free, which is limited in number. Other players who are not quick enough to get the free license have thought about another solution.

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Some players have thought about they could play PUBG Mobile on PC, which is absolutely free while the feeling of physical touch remains. You can do the same thing with an Android Emulator for PC.

There are plenty of emulators available on the internet, however, not all of them work great with gaming. Some of them require purchase, the free one, otherwise, contains too many ads. There is also another option to install Chrome Operating System or Android Operating System on your PC, however, it might be unstable and might affect the other operating system on the PC previously.

Tencent Gaming Buddy – Android Emulator for PC:


Tencent is one of the best gaming companies in the world for a reason: it knows how to satisfy its customers. Tencent knows players want to play PUBG for free, so it created an emulator for players to play PUBG mobile on it.

Tencent Gaming Buddy is a great emulator to play android games on PC, and it is highly optimized to play PUBG Mobile on PC. It also great to play other games that are published by Tencent such as Arena of Valor.

Tencent Gaming Buddy is a great tool that takes its mobile games to the next level. Unlike other Android Emulator for PC, which serve the purpose of making money from the emulator, Tencent makes it easier for players to enjoy their games. And the benefit of the company will come from the games themselves.

In order to install Tencent Gaming Buddy, your PC will at least meet these criteria: Operating system: 32 bits windows 7 or above, Processor: Intel Core i3 or above, Memory: minimum 4GB in RAM, and storage at least 20GB available in space.

Download the emulator now to enjoy PUBG Mobile in a completely different way.

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