How To Maximize The AKM’s Potential In PUBG Mobile

Here is a small tip to show you how to maximize the potential of the AKM when you engage in PUBG Mobile. Let’s start to explore details and the way that you can apply to your game now!

About PUBG Mobile: AKM

AKM is a well-known assault rifle in PUBG Mobile because of its power. Players love to search for the existing item due to it will help them own a good chance to rank up and win.

An AKM in PUBG Mobile will fire 7.62mm rounds with a magazine size of 30.

Similar to Groza or M16A4, it has three slots to attach some accessories. It is considered a fantastic design.

Not only that, it will lead you to the center of the subject. Indeed, you will know instructions to boost up the AKM’s capability in PUBG Mobile below.

The base damage is at 49. It is the highest level among the current AS. That makes the AKM become a perfect choice for close and mid-range skirmishes.

Your firearm is always in the single-shot mode, excluding situations you are captured in close-quarter matches. If you are staying in such a place, the automatic mode is more effective.

How to maximize the potential of AKM in PUBG Mobile

We have the answer to the question of how to maximize the potential of the AKM in PUBG Mobile here. It will revolve around 3 attachments. They are tools that you are highly recommended to equip for your gun. They will make the most use of every ability that it hides.

Sights: 3x Scope

AKM – the popular assault rifle pops up with heavy recoil. However, it has a low initial bullet speed. Hence, it is not appropriate to shoot at long distances. So, scopes 4x and later seem to be futile.

Sights: 3x Scope
Sights: 3x Scope

In the present case, you can select scope 3x as an amazing alternative. Your AKM will be more formidable even if your target is armored.

Magazines: Extended QuickDraw Mag

Extended QuickDraw Mag is the second gear in the list of how to maximize the AKM’s potential in PUBG Mobile.

It can add the number of ammo that an AKM can carry, from 30 to 40. It is an essential rule that any PUBG Mobile Assault Rifle needs to meet.

That addition will enhance the bullet capacity and reduce the reload time. Therefore, you will be able to control the position you expect sooner or simply to survive in gunfights longer. Further, you can rejoin faster.

Muzzle: Compensator and Suppressor

PUBG Mobile AKM has a big rearward thrust. The Compensator will be the best device if you love to utilize the auto mode to attack. In other words, it can decrease the recoil and you will gain the desired stability.

Aside from that, the Suppressor is useful to remove a rival noiselessly with the single-shot mode. You’d better pick it in the late game because you will face the opponent in a cramped zone.

The guide revealing how to maximize the AKM’s potential in PUBG Mobile is actually good and practical for sure. Why are you still hesitant? Learn about your AKM and enter the battlefield as soon as possible to test the tutorial!

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