How to heal yourself in PUBG

Did you know about treating yourself in PUBG or the differences between booster items and healing packs? Just read on how to heal yourself right off the bat!

heal yourself
Heal yourself in PUBG

Health does not automatically recover in PUBG, yet luckily, there are some remarkable ways to enhance your health bar from rolls of Bandages, stacks of Energy Drinks to bulky Med Kits.

How do I heal myself?

the healing effect will activate
the healing effect will activate
  • Pick up a healing item (for example Bandages)
  • Open up your inventory
  • Find Bandages and right-click to use them. (Note: each healing item has its own working time and once they have gone by, the healing effect will activate). Small side and side movements will not break down the cast, yet predetermined strides will.
  • Med Kits, First Aid Kits, Bandages, and Booster Items correspond to hotkeys 7, 8, 9 and 0
  • If you are on PC, you can assign keys to specific healing items in the options menu.
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How does the healing system run?

you will see a long white bar that is your health bar
you will see a long white bar that is your health bar
  • At the bottom of the screen, you will see a long white bar that is your health bar
  • The booster bar is above your health bar. You will make it full with certain booster items and it will apply various healing buffs
  • Three booster items in PUBG, including Painkillers, Energy Drinks, and Adrenaline Shots increase your booster bar
  • Three primary health items in PUBG, including First Aid Kids, Bandages, and Med Kits restore your health bar
  • Try to fill up your booster bar because it will gradually add your health day in and day out. The more it is full, the quicker your health regeneration

Boost and healing items

Boost and healing items
Boost and healing items
  • Energy Drink: this is the lowest available booster you can easily find in the wild. It takes 4s to cast and fills 40% of your booster bar
  • Painkiller: It takes 7,5s to cast and furnishes 60% of your booster bar
  • Adrenaline Shot: It is relatively difficult to earn as they are only taken from the Supply Crates. It will max out your booster bar within 10s
  • Bandages: it is the lowest tier healing item in PUBG. It takes 4s to cast, and 7s to regenerate 10 health once applied
  • First Aid Kit: It takes 6s to cast and will fill up 75% of your health
  • Med Kit: Like Adrenaline Shot, it is quite hard to find but it is the best healing item in the game. It takes 8s to cast, and once finishing up, it will restore you to maximum HP

After reading our post today, we hope you will know how to heal yourself in PUBG and get terrific experiences in the game.

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