How to drop items (PC, Xbox One).

In this blog post today, we will dig into the way on how to drop items (PC, Xbox One). Keep reading to manage your items that determine your survival in the game.

How to drop items (PC, Xbox One).
How to drop items (PC, Xbox One).

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is well-known as a battle game. There are three main maps in the game, they are Erаngеl, Sanhok, аnd Mіrаmаr.

When playing the game, the player can choose the battle mode. Play solo, duo or squad, it is all up to you. If you select squad mode, your team members are up to four players.

Keep reading our guidelines on how to drop items in PUBG to improve your skill and become the winner.

How To Drop Items (PC, Xbox One)


Drop Items in PC
Drop Items in PC

Step 1: You enter your inventory by holding down “Tab” or “I” key on the keyboard.

Step 2: Click and hold the item. Continue to pull it across to the slot where it writes “Ground” on the left of the screen.

Step 3: Drop the weapon and equipped attachments. You can re-acquire the dropped weapon, and the attachments will be attached to the gun if you do like that. If you play the game in duo or squad mode, you can drop the item, and your teammate can acquire it.

You can drop only a few items if you have got stacks. Hold the “Ctrl” and pull an item from your inventory to the ground at the same time. Once you have completed, you receive a message that says how many items you want to drop. You can type the number of items you want to drop. Finally, click “Drop”.

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Xbox One

Drop Items in Xbox One
Drop Items in Xbox One
  • Press the Inventory button to access the inventory of the game.
  • Navigate your inventory by using the right and left bumpers.
  • On the keyboard, you press the “Y” key on an item to drop it. If you want to drop all of an item, you have to hold “Y”.

In case of removing equipped attachments from a weapon, you have to hold the “X” key on an item.

The Bottom Line

Hopefully, with the information shared above, you will know more about how to drop items (PC, Xbox One). Download the PUBG game and enjoy your relaxing time with it.

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