How Companion Works And How To Get Them In PUBG Mobile

Explore the definition of how companion works and do not forget to learn how to get them in PUBG Mobile! Are you ready to see if how they make your journey more interesting?

How a Companion works in PUBG Mobile

It is a feature available. The first release is in May 2019. After the temporary update, it is added to PUBG Mobile permanently in November 2019. Since that moment, you can choose that friend before you enter the match.

He or she often sits on your shoulder almost time and they sometimes fly. Only you and teammates can detect Companion.

Advantages of Companion

Similar to skins and outfits, using them in-game will improve your gaming experience. So, we are talking about a creature like a bird.

Specifically, you can equip a Falcon by your side. He will help you feel more excited while running across the map to the circle. Therefore, that buddy won’t grant any benefit so that PUBG Mobile can maintain stability.

How to level up your Falcon companion

The Falcon is a precious part. After checking how companion works, here is how to level up and how to get them in PUBG Mobile.

The Falcon has 7 levels. At the start, you will receive 7 animations.

Each stage from 2 to 6 will open a newer action. Level 7 will provide 2 new animations. Hence, a Falcon owns 14 moves used in different circumstances.

It’s necessary to collect 10,000 EXP to win levels separately. It’s possible to preview your partner’s activities in the corresponding tab in the Workshop.

There are two methods:

  • After bringing your Flacon into the battle, everything can occur as usual. Try to increase your point and unlock levels!
  • Or, you can purchase Companion Food from the PUBG Mobile shop. It costs 20 UC. Then, feed your animal to gain 100 EXP.

How to get Companion in PUBG Mobile

We have shown you the instruction about how Companion works in PUBG Mobile. Please delve deeper into how to get them here!

After the Companion update is launched in November, PUBG Mobile also set up an event. In which, players will possess one companion free after they fulfill missions.

After that period, many persons still expect to raise their companions in PUBG for mobile.

There are a couple of tips such as:

  • Visit the store and buy them at a price of 1,500 UC.
  • Acquire the account of someone who has that crony. You could be fooled! Make an offline transaction!
  • Search for redeeming codes. It is safe, free, and hard.

Hopefully, the tutorial of how PUBG Mobile Companion works and how to get them will enrich your tricks collection. Have fun!


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