Guide For The Top 5 Most Useful Secret Places In PUBG Mobile

Here is the list of top 5 most helpful secret locations in PUBG Mobile! They are available and waiting for you to discover. Are you ready?

Some small facts about maps in PUBG Mobile

Similar to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, PUBG Mobile is also designed with multiple playfields. They are realms hiding a lot of potentials that is rare for anyone to explore all. To be the owner of Chicken Dinner, you’d better dig deeper into mysterious lands from now on. Don’t worry! Their names will be explained below.

A variety of 5 most helpful secret locations in PUBG Mobile

You are going to join an incredible game. Let’s start with the tips of 5 most helpful secret locations in PUBG Mobile that you shouldn’t skip! More importantly, they will support you to become the winner faster.

In a forgotten cave on Vikendi:

It is set on the north side of Podvosto. It is a quiet place with a high ceiling. It’s essential to destroy the rock blocking the entrance first!

Further, you must act faster than rivals. You can drive a vehicle and crash into that barricade or throw a grenade.

There is a series of red drop boxes. They create an amazing treasure, including upgrades, guns, with attachments. Watch out! It can turn into a fierce arena.

Don’t forget to take advantage of what you have picked up! Besides, you can leave after looting, and ambush at the door.

On the top of a tree in Erangel:

Climb up to the roof of an apartment close by the school zone. Then, get onto a tall tree. You can cover your body well.

Afterward, you must grab branches carefully or you can hurt yourself when you fall. Remember to carry a first aid kit!

It is considered the best in the final circle. It’s easy to spot everybody crawling!

On a tower in Erangel:

It provides a good position to snipe. Head to the Novorepnaye. After reaching a hill, you will approach a big steel building. Climb and seek a reasonable point to scout and make a sly attack.

In another “cave” on Miramar:

It is one of the 5 most helpful secret locations in PUBG Mobile to gather powerful gear and check your shooting skills.

Next to Los Leones, you will figure out a mine. It is not marked on the mini-map. It contains higher tier scopes, Assault Rifles, and more.

Near the military base on Erangel:

While it does not offer a large number of supplies, you can choose it to hide and trap. So, you need to head to the southern island, in the facility of the Sosnovka MB.

There will be a cluster of computers or machines. Go to their highest scene and crouch at the edge.

It’s very crucial to master those 5 most helpful secret locations when you play in PUBG Mobile and more. Because you are in a game that its gameplay is always evolved, it’s highly recommended to experience everything as soon as possible.


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