Create A Custom Room In PUBG Mobile

Here is the best guide to master how to create a Custom room in PUBG Mobile the game! Please capture all of the steps and every information about the playfield you dream about!

Introduction to PUBG Mobile: Custom Room

It’s completely possible for all mobile players of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds to generate a custom room! It is a place where you can start and host a tournament.

It is a real story because a standard battle of PUBG Mobile will often need around 80 people at once. It is a number different from the one in League of Legends and other titles.

The most important item to create a custom room in PUBG Mobile

It is the Room Card. It will help you create a Custom room in PUBG Mobile quickly. It is considered the key to open that battlefield. It’s pretty easy to apply several methods to obtain that object. Perhaps, you have already gotten a Room Card. Therefore, remember to observe inventory first!

Top ways to own a Room Card:

We have Elite Royale Pass and Clan Shop.

Elite Royale Pass:

Purchase Elite Royale Pass and you will receive the Room Card. If you hit Level 100, you can gather back the UC that you utilize to buy the Elite Royale Pass.

Elite Royale Pass
Elite Royale Pass

Clan Shop:

Unbolt the door and you can acquire a Room Card if you save enough 300 Clan points. By completing Clan challenges, you will earn the CP you want.

If you are in a gang, you can arrange competitions among members. It’s exciting to loot more scores.

Clan Shop
Clan Shop

Specific steps to create a Custom room in PUBG Mobile

By following the tutorial below, players can create a Custom room in PUBG Mobile without effort.

  • Invest in a Room Card
  • Head to the lobby and tap on the Match Setting

  • A window will appear. Strike the Room button!

  • A list of present custom rooms will pop up. Select the Create Room icon afterward and you can begin your building!

  • Besides, you will be asked to fill in some info about the combat you will produce. It comprises the options for TPP/FPP with Solo/Duo/Squad mode and more.

If you’d like to join a custom room of a friend, you must have the room Name and its Password. Additionally, you can invite your buddies or anybody to hop into the field that you have recently put up.

If you are looking for how to build a Custom Room in PUBG Mobile Lite, you can apply these tips.

Surely, it is the shortest and fullest instruction showing how to create a Custom room in PUBG Mobile. It’s time to assemble your team and test your shooting skill with powerful weapons! Good luck!


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