Best PUBG Mobile Tips To Master Weapon Recoils

There are some best PUBG Mobile tips for you to master weapon recoils. These tips help you aim then shoot at enemies with utmost accuracy.

In PUBG Mobile game, you have to get kills to win. In other words, shooting at enemies can net you a chance to win. However, shooting will be a big problem for players who are bad at controlling the recoils of their weapons. Normally, this is when you want to snipe someone using a scope. When you open a scope, if the weapon has too high recoil, it will make you miss the target easily. Hence, you are recommended to learn several tips to become more proficient in weapon recoils.

Top 5 PUBG Mobile tips to master the recoils of your weapons

Mastering the weapon recoils will become easier now thanks to the five useful tips. If you are practicing this skill, you can learn it through the following tips.

Decrease the weapon recoil by crouching/going prone as you try to shoot or aim

When you crouch or go prone to shoot at someone, you will realize the recoil of your gun is much less. This is because these types of moves decrease your mobility, however, they do grow the stability. In other words, they help you shoot better. Among those two movement modes, going prone is the better one. The level of your gun recoil will be lessened by half when you prone.

Customize the settings of the camera as well as sensitivity

You don’t have to follow the presets of the camera and sensitivity. Instead, you can change them to your likings. Customize them in the settings section until you feel satisfied with them. This helps you easily handle dangers in your matches a lot.

Having a good grasp of your weapons is a crucial PUBG Mobile tip to master your weapon recoils

PUBG Mobile weapons are abundant. Every gun has its own characteristics. Therefore, it is quite hard to know all about them. However, you should pick your favorite guns then learn them all before you use them in your matches. This will let you know which ones have high recoil. You can learn to cope with it. To decrease the recoils of guns, you can add several attachments to them, for instance, compensators and grips.

Flexibly use burst and single firing modes

Both firing modes of guns can be switched easily. When the recoil piles up each other, you will find it very hard to shoot accurately. Therefore, you should flexibly change between two firing modes. It does assist you in controlling the gun recoils.

Another tip you can follow is to make use of both fire buttons

On your screen, there are two buttons for shooting. Why don’t you make use of both of them? Although players can set one fire button only, it is still better to have both on. You can use one finger to control the camera while the other one can do the shooting part.

You have known all the PUBG Mobile tips to master the weapon recoils. Apply all the aforementioned tips to your matches then you will become a pro in shooting.

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