Best Places To Land Safely In PUBG Mobile

Learn some PUBG Mobile best places to land safely. Once you have landed fast and safe, you can pick up many items to get upper hand opponents.

The battle royale has gamers from around the world pitting against each other on an island after landing using parachutes. Due to the fast-paced gameplay, players must know how to deal with environments quickly once they have landed. It is kind of crucial to have a good start with several strategies. One of those strategies is to learn which places to land.

There are plenty of areas in PUBG Mobile maps. Therefore, you need to know all of them as well as learn which places are the safest to land. Those places have to guarantee good loot as well. Knowing how to land fast and safely in the game, you will completely outplay other players, at least in the first stage of the match.

What to do for a fast and safe landing

It takes a short period of time to parachute down onto the island map. However, if you know tips to make it fast, you will have more advantages. Landing faster than others is kind of crucial. To that end, you have to point your character downward. Make sure it should be at the speed of 234km/h when you do that. Keep in mind that you will not open the parachute too early, especially when you are still far off the ground. If you use the parachute at that time, it will make you land slowly. The parachute activates automatically, so you don’t have to tap to use it.

What are the best places in PUBG Mobile to land safely?

Maps in this battle royale game provide many different areas. Thus, learning them before starting matches is quite important. If you aim to have good loot before other players, you should find out which places are safe to land.

Erangel is such a big map with various best areas to land

The classic map that people usually think about is Erangel. This map is very huge and has many places to explore. Here are several hotspots that seem to be attractive to the pros:

  • Georgopol
  • Pochinki
  • Novorepnoye
  • Sosnovka Military Base

Those areas always provide very good loot. So, when you land there, you will get a lot of great items, especially guns. However, they are not for newbies. You definitely engage in gunfights once you land there. There are still other low-risk locations for beginners, such as Prison, School, Yasnaya Polyana, Lipovka, and other small areas. They also offer good loot.

Where should you land in Sanhok?

There are several best places for landing in PUBG Mobile Sanhok, such as:

  • Ruins
  • Camp Charlie
  • Bootcamp
  • Paradise Resort

Get ready to shoot at others once you have picked up items in those places.

What are the PUBG Mobile best places to land safely in Miramar map?

For the Miramar map, you can land in these places for safety and good loot:

  • Impala
  • San Martin

However, you should avoid these hotspots if you are not a pro, even though they offer good loot:

  • Pecado
  • Los Leones
  • Campo Militar

That’s all for the best places to land safely in PUBG Mobile. Hopefully, this guide does give you enough information about areas in maps. Try landing in those areas then you will know how great and challenging they are.


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