All PUBG Mobile TDM Guides To Win In The Warehouse Map

Try out all of the best TDM guides if you want to win in the Warehouse map of PUBG Mobile! Discover tips and gather the highest K/D score now!

TDM and the Warehouse map in PUBGG Mobile

TDM or Team Deathmatch is a game mode in PUBG Mobile. It and Arcade are added to help you enjoy the game in a shorter time.

Meanwhile, Warehouse is a small map compared to the usual locations in PUBG.

To become the winner in TDM, you need to remove the rivals before they do the same for you. In case you obtain 40 kills first, you will be the champion.

How do you engage in PUBG Mobile TDM?

Each team will have 4 persons. They begin and respawn at a side of the region, in an abandoned building. Around the spawning points, there are guns and ammunition. Pick them up to equip your character.

Especially, you will receive a temporary invincibility period after appearing to block camping.

Outside the house, there are storage containers and train carriages. They are scattered purposefully. It’s easy to hide behind or climb on them.

Note! There is a strong gun called M249 LMG in the center of the land. It is bait. If you approach that area, you can be ambushed.

Don’t skip wooden structures on both sides! The enemy usually comes from there. Further, pay attention to the top of the train and evade it promptly! Somebody can lurk and snipe you!

PUBG Mobile Guides to win in the map “Warehouse”

The following guides will revolve around important elements in PUBG Mobile TDM. To win in Warehouse Map, it’s essential to master them. So, these include:

Weapon and gear:

There are many rifles next to one side of the hut and some machine guns on the other. They and attachments are distributed on the table. Accessories comprise grips, scopes, and stocks.

Everybody often starts with the same loadout, consisting of a Lvl 2 body armor and helmet. Do not forget to fire headshots!


Team Deathmatch happens fast and quickly turns chaotic. Hence, don’t bump into the opposite squad or camp on the identical spot for a long time!

Be careful about running or you will be captured! You should roam directly to the nearest cover and move back gradually.

Wander around the battlefield slowly and listen to the footsteps!

Head to another zone to camp your old position whenever you cannot destroy the adversary in a gunfight. After you escape from a fight, you have to spend a little time to restore HP.

Avoid camping for too long!

Don’t reload multiple times!

Choose the most convenient equipment:

It is an essential tip from the big PUBG Mobile TDM guides for you to win in the Warehouse map. Just select and utilize what makes you feel comfortable. For the firearm with high recoil such as AK47, you can opt for a Red Dot Sight.

Loot M249:

It is one of the strongest weapons in PUBG Mobile. If you own that gun, you can unleash at least a 4-6 killstreak.

M249 has a huge magazine at a rapid shooting rate.

To steal it, please sprint and camp the warehouse! You can eliminate those who have a similar goal. If your plan is effective, you’d better collect it immediately.

All the most useful PUBG Mobile TDM guides are here! It’s time to launch it into the game to win in the Warehouse map! Are you longing to conquer that playfield? Good luck!


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