All Facts About The Circle In PUBG Mobile

All facts about the circle in PUBG Mobile will show you how to improve your survival. Check out everything and launch them into your game as soon as possible!

About PUBG Mobile and its relation to the circle

PUBG Mobile is a popular game. Many people usually spend a lot of time only to run for thousands of miles on the map every day. Their action is for reaching and getting into the safest area. However, they or you may not receive detailed guides on the circle that you are working for. In fact, little persons will tell you the exact answer although it is extremely simple.

Don’t worry! We will show you the information that you should know. It is actually helpful to increase your own survivability. The direction will comprise basic and advanced stats from the total number of circles to their damage.

All the facts about the circle found in PUBG Mobile

There are 8 circles in the game. All facts about the circle in PUBG Mobile will be explained below. Each of them has a unique diameter that is around half as small as the previous one. Besides, they will be able to shrink until zero.

Circle 1-4:

They can cause very slight damage. Therefore, you can heal up and restore health by using Bandages. Additionally, you are capable of reviving teammates.

Circle 5:

It can inflict from 1- to 3 damage every second, depending on the distance of you to the safe zone. Remember to bring a First Aid Kit and Med Kit! They are good at recovering you more than the energy you have lost.

If you stay away from the team, you cannot help them. Try to avoid going too far from your squad!

Circle 6:

It is the third part of the catalog that revolved around the circle and all facts about them in PUBG Mobile.

Circle 6 will create 5 damage/second. Hence, everyone who takes it in the Blue Zone won’t stand up.

Despite the First Aid Kit can regenerate you, it’s essential to deploy it when your HP is about 40! It means that you have 6 seconds to sprint if your health is at 75.

Circle 7:

It deals 7 damage for each second. When the health is at 75, you have only 4 seconds to escape.

Circle 8:

It’s hard to witness it almost the time unless it stops at a city or on the sea. If you are captured, you will have to suffer 11 damage per second in the blue zone.

There is no Timer. Circle 8 will begin after 3 minutes and diminish its size to nothing then. Spam the First Aid Kit and wait for somebody to fall or eliminate them in less than 6 seconds!

Along with all the facts about the circle in PUBG Mobile, you also have the chance to gather some tips and tricks. Let’s open the battlefield and apply your strategies with what you have uncovered to your journey now!


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