All About PUBG Mobile Aim Assist Feature

It is important to learn about PUBG Mobile aim assist feature. Does it help you aim better in matches? Find out its pros and cons!

The definition of the aim assist feature

This aiming system is one of the most important features in terms of shooting in PUBG Mobile. The reason why the devs added it to the title is to help players aim better. In other words, players can activate the feature to aim at their targets accurately. It also corrects the players’ aim. Once you drag the crosshair into the right spots, you can shoot opponents easily. Similar to other shooting games, the system in this battle royale game features the crosshair as well. It works the same, so, players will find it easy to use.

Why do players should use PUBG Mobile aim assist feature?

Players are recommended to use the aim assist system to improve their aiming skills. It does help players a lot. When you can aim at a target, you can shoot them accurately.

By using the aim assist, players can easily aim at the body of the opponent as well. The feature moves the crosshair towards the targets in an automatic way. Due to the correct algorithm, you will see that the crosshair is quite close enough to the target.

You can make use of the feature to sharpen your aim as well as learn more about the essence of the title. Once you have mastered it, you will get a lot of kills. This also helps you get an edge over other players.

What are the disadvantages of this system?

Although PUBG Mobile aim assist feature does help you better your aiming abilities, it still has several disadvantages that you will not like. You only get help from it in close or medium-range battles because it is not much responsive at longer-range battles. Also, you cannot aim accurately when an enemy is moving since it does not work quite well in that case. If you still want to use it, you will have to drag it manually, which is not comfortable at all.

You have to keep attacking while aiming at higher levels. However, the feature can only guess the upcoming movements. When you are in a close-range battle with many enemies, you will find it even harder to aim. Players who love this feature always want to have it in their matches, while some are not into it.


Having a good aim is something quite crucial to have because it does help you a lot in matches. Once you aim well, you can defeat the targets easily. This will lead you to the ultimate victory. The aim assist feature in PUBG Mobile also helps lighten the burden when players are not used to mobile controls. They are accustomed to using a mouse and keyboard on the PC. Hence, taking aim on mobile devices seems to be harder a bit for them.

When you decide to use the feature, make sure you will not overuse it. Although it does sharpen your aim, it still gives you some disadvantages. But, once you have mastered it, you will get the best result in getting kills. Practice your aim with this feature!

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