Advanced Guide To Achieve The Ace Rank Tier In PUBG Mobile Quickly

Enjoy PUBG Mobile the game and remember to pick the advanced guide here! It allows you to achieve the Ace rank tier in the shortest time.

Ace- A cool rank tier to reach in PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile is a popular Battle Royale game released after PUBG PC. It owns a fascinating ranking system. Hitting the high levels will give you everybody’s respect and other valuable rewards.

The list includes 8 rank tiers. They are Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Crown, Ace, and Conqueror.

Note! The first 7 ranks are not based on the leaderboard. Meanwhile, Conqueror can be only gained by people on the top 500 of the server. More importantly, they are survivors who have already gotten Ace.

In fact, it is necessary to get Ace before you are the Conqueror! We hope that you can understand that our guide will lead you to another goal.

Basic instructions to obtain Ace in PUBG Mobile

There are four general tips to achieve the Ace in PUBG Mobile. Read the following tutorial before approaching the advanced guide!

Drop area:

It’s essential to choose the position to land. It is the first and foremost strategy.

Remember that there are a rich variety of hot spots! They comprise Military Base, Yasnaya Polyana on Erangel. Besides, we have Los Leones and El Pozo in Miramar, or Cave, Bootcamp, with Kampong on Sanhok.

They are full of aggressive characters, engagements, and powerful loots. If you are confident in your shooting skill, you can visit those territories.

Analyze your capability:

It’s useful to realize the weak and strong points. From that, you can set out reasonable tactics. If you are good at sniping, you’d better skip AWM and pick up a normal Assault Rifle.

Select the right weapon:

While roaming around PUBG Mobile, you will be able to see a lot of different items. Collecting them must depend on the present circumstance.

There are 2 slots for primary weapons. It’s pretty easy for you to add and generate a combo. Aside from the AR, you can opt for an SMG or a shotgun for close-quarter combat. Kar98k is more appropriate in long-range matches.

Attachments will help you reduce the recoil or aim more accurately. They are muzzle, scopes, foregrip, and mag.

Advanced Guides to achieve Ace in PUBG Mobile rapidly

We have some advanced guides helpful for everyone to achieve the Ace in PIBG Mobile here. Are you ready to start?

Stay out of the beginning circle:

It won’t cause a lot of damage to your health. It’s feasible to move outside of that zone for a short time before you gear up yourself enough. At that moment, some guys often chase after it after they have appeared. Alongside looting available objects on the ground, you can improve your survival when you avoid gunfights.

Reload regularly:

It is a key element inside the PUBG Mobile Advanced Guide for you to achieve the Ace rankings.

It’s advised to pay attention to the ammo left after shooting! If you’re out of ammunition while fighting, the rival will eliminate you.

Don’t play in low-lying regions!

It’s crucial to hide at a high place. Most soldiers usually ignore these parts. It’s ideal to ambush, snipe, and scout.

Recognize how and when to unleash the Flare Gun:

If you have a Flare Gun, you are capable of getting the edge over other competitors. Instantly fire it and you can receive something valuable. Do not forget to turn the Flare Gun into a type of bait in the late game!

The advanced guide is free and usable for all. Grab tricks above and begin to achieve the Ace Rank Tier in PUBG Mobile right now!


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