5 Guns With The Highest Headshot Damage In PUBG Mobile

It is completely easy to explore the list of 5 guns with the highest headshot damage in PUBG Mobile here! Are you ready to start your job?


Within the PUBG Mobile Battle Royale game, people often want to make the rival disappear with one shot at their head. Which weapons can we deploy to complete that goal? Don’t worry! We have already gathered five items hiding the strongest headshot damage in PUBG Mobile below.

About Headshot

It is considered a mechanic common in most shooters. It is a reward for skilled players who is capable of causing massive damage to the opponent. A headshot usually creates an instant kill.

For PUBG Mobile, there are other interesting achievements related to head shooting, for instance, Sharpshooter.

So far, each person will have their own favorites. Therefore, you can skip our suggestion below if you don’t like it.

List of 5 guns with the highest headshot damage in PUBG Mobile

The following set contains the 5 guns with the highest headshot damage to use in PUBG Mobile. Note! It will not comprise Shotguns. Additionally, the numbers you see won’t include helmets. It’s time to begin and finish your job!



It is an available Sniper Rifle that can inflict 300 damage. That power turns AWM into the most wanted SR.

Besides, it owns a range of 100 and fires special “magnum rounds”. Obviously, it is good at killing somebody if you launch an accurate shot at their top.


In Classic Mode, an AWM can be obtainable exclusively in AirDrops. You’d better have a Flare Gun at first to summon it. Fire and the AWM in a big box will fall down afterward.

It’s feasible to attach scopes with AWMs! Even, it will become stronger in the late game.

Its drawback is that it’s hard to collect ammo because it’s rare.


After AWM, it is the second name from the 5 guns with the highest headshot damage in PUBG Mobile.

In case you are seeking the AWM or looting bullets for it, you can approach the M24. It is a great alternative.

231 is the damage number that an M24 has after each headshot. Moreover, it applies 7.62 ammo the object that can be seen throughout the map.


With a 6x or 8x scope and a Suppressor, you can knock out the enemy completely. Further, competitors nearby are unable to notice your exact location.

M24 can aid other attachments to enhance stability.


It is a beloved Sniper Rifle causing 198 damage/headshot. Kar98s can appear in important positions. Like M24, it utilizes 7.62 rounds.

The possibility of the Kar98 will increase if it works with an 8x scope. Attaching a bullet Loop allows you to advance the reload speed and reduce recoil.



The SKS possesses 150 damage. Although it is not as outstanding as previous armaments, you can pick up them across the realm, particularly in Pochinki.

SKS will run with 7.62 ammo. It goes with Flash Hider, Suppressor, and more. They are accessories to make the SKS’s usage more effectual. Farther, it is the most stable Sniper Rifle in PUBG on Mobile.



AKM is an Assault Rifle that its potential can be maximized. In fact, it is able to produce 126 damage/headshot.

As same as SKS and M24, it releases 7.62 rounds. As well, it’s possible to bring an AKM with various attachments.


Hopefully, the ideal 5 guns with the highest headshot damage in PUBG Mobile will support you effectively. How about your opinions? If you know something stranger, you can leave a comment and share your catalog with us now.

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