Tips To Use PUBG Mobile GFX Tools Safely

PUBG Mobile GFX Tools aim to change the in-game graphics. Let’s learn how to use the tools safely to keep your account safe.

What do the tools do?

Because the popularity of PUBG Mobile is on the rise, players tend to try many ways to exploit features in the game, especially the graphics. There are several tools to help them with them, and GFX tools are one of the most-picked tools.

These tools are known as third-party applications. They permit players to adjust various types of graphics, such as Full HD, 60 FPS, as well as other settings. The title is graphically intensive. Also, it does not always work well on all devices. Therefore, some players want to change them. The tools let them modify the graphics settings. They can make them higher or lower depending on their needs. Hence, this completely enables low-end devices to play the game smoothly to an extent.

However, the devs of the game don’t allow players to do “tricks” on the graphics. Using specific tools to change the graphics is an illegal action. It could result in a permanent ban. This also causes an imbalanced experience for all players. Therefore, Tencent Games Studio is trying to detect players using this software to get their accounts banned.

In case you do want to use it, what will you have to do? In fact, there are several ways for you to change the graphics using that software without getting your account banned. Check out the guide below!

Try to use PUBG Mobile GFX Tools smartly to protect your account

Because the tools change the texture files of the title, players will have a less laggy experience. However, interfering in the files is an illicit action. Tencent already added anti-cheat software to the game. Its function is to check the game files integrity. Here are some tips:

  • As long as you don’t interact with those game files, it will be safe for you to use a tool. Try to choose the safest option to use, for instance, the GFX Tool by TSOML. It is designed for PUBG Mobile game only.
  • The game frequently goes with updates. So, you’d better deactivate the tool once you have updated the game. Also, you should wait for the developer of the tool you are using to reach the game’s update as well.
  • Frequently check the versions of the anti-cheat software! If it is already updated while your software has not received any new updates yet, they will detect your action, leading to the ban.

By learning all the safe ways to use PUBG Mobile GFX Tools, you can change the graphics and settings safely. Don’t misuse the app, or the devs of the game will ban your account. Hopefully, those ways help you deal with the graphics and give you a better gaming experience.


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