How To Use PUBG Mobile Win 94

PUBG Mobile Win 94 is one of the special sniper rifles. It now goes with a scope, so let’s learn how to use it smartly to get kills.

About the weapon

This battle royale game is famous for not only unique gameplay mechanics but also for a wide range of weapons. Now, the weapon collection in PUBG Mobile seems to be more diverse with the appearance of Win 94. It was known as one of the most useless weapons before. However, after the update 0.18.0, it becomes much better. This is all thanks to a unique x2.7 scope that can be equipped on the gun. This makes Win 94 a sought-after sniper rifle in the classic matches.

It is a bolt-action sniper rifle that deals 66 damage. Although the gun is kind of weak, it can still guarantee a kill. You can use the weapon to headshot an enemy with a level-1 helmet. It utilizes .45 ammo, and the bullet speed it has is kind of similar to the Kar98 and M24. It takes 4 seconds to reload, which is not quite slow much. Through those elements, Win 94 in PUBG Mobile has become an accurate weapon that is suitable for long-range battles. Besides the Bullet Loops, the sniper rifle now accepts an x2.7 scope as well. When you open the scope, you can shoot enemies more accurately.

Where to find the Win 94

The gun is not quite hard to find because it has a great spawning rate in PUBG Mobile maps. You can play matches in these maps:

  • Sanhok
  • Miramar
  • Vikendi

Tips to use PUBG Mobile Win 94 properly

Since it is a sniper rifle, it requires several tactics to use properly. You cannot hold the gun to run into a close-range battle because this nets you a defeat for sure. So, here are good tips to help you master this weapon.

Don’t take too much aim

When you aim, you have to open the scope, and this blocks the sight of your surroundings. If someone spots you, they will attack you for sure. Hence, you should not aim too much. Just keep an eye on the surroundings. If you catch sight of someone from afar, you can get the scope then headshot them using the Win 94.

A good shooting position

Before you want to snipe someone, try to get a good place where you can shoot easily. Also, make sure that it provides covers. You can choose to crouch on the top of a hill or stay in a building. However, you have to be careful because they are not 100% safe. Listen to the footstep sounds and the gun sounds then plan your moves smartly.

Aim then shoot as fast as possible using PUBG Mobile Win 94

When you aim and shoot at the same time, you can save yourself from getting killed. This also helps you defeat the enemy. Keep shooting and don’t worry about using up ammo. You can find the ammo of the gun easily.

Spot a target then shoot when they don’t move

Make sure you pick on a target that does not make a move. Normally, when you aim at a stationary target, you have a high chance to get a kill. Aim then snipe them fast before they move away from your sight.

Win 94 in PUBG Mobile should be a must-use at least for once. You can use it with an x2.7 scope to snipe opponents easily.


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