How To Get PUBG Mobile Conqueror Title Fast

PUBG Mobile Conqueror Title turns you into a professional gamer. To reach this tier, you have to enter the top 500 on any server.

What is Conqueror Title?

Conqueror Title is the most elite tier in PUBG Mobile that everyone wants to reach. The title does not only net players extra benefits, but it also makes them excellent players. You can become more proud of your character once you have unlocked this title.

However, reaching the Conqueror fast is no easy at all. To that goal, you must be in the top 500 players in any server in a season of the game. Besides, it also depends on various elements, such as your survival time, the amount of your playing time, the servers you are playing on, etc. You may need a lot of dedication, great skills, as well as know how to make better decisions. Once you are in competition at this level, you are fighting against highly-skilled opponents. This is the reason why players always want to achieve it because it is something they can brag about.

So, how to push rank to Conqueror? If you do want to reach this title, then here is what you should know!

What to do to get PUBG Mobile Conqueror Title in a short period of time

Although it is quite tough to push your rank to this elite tier, you can still have chances to achieve it, if you use the following tips:

Play with smart strategies and good tactics for the ultimate victory

It is important to play safe! During a match, try to use your strategies and tactics to outplay other opponents for a chance of winning. You should survive until the end of the game. The more you win, the faster you push your rank. This is one of the easiest methods to get the title.

Flexibly use different weapons in matches

Don’t be hesitant to try many weapons. You should find the guns that fit your playstyle then make use of them to get kills.

Don’t forget to use various accessories

Besides weapons, you can use many accessories to get an edge over your opponents. Keep fighting using them until you are the last man standing.

Push your rank in Duo/Squad mode to reach PUBG Mobile Conqueror Title fast

Play with a squad or team up with a friend in matches! It is kind of simple for you to push your rank in a duo or a squad. You can support each other to get kills and fight your way to the ultimate victory.

Spend more playing time on matches during the daytime

You should play the game during the daytime because you will encounter more hardcore pushers. Most matches in the daytime are tough and don’t have many bots. This is a chance for you to push your rank easily!

Play matches on different servers

A fast way to reach the elite title is to play on different servers. The Asian server seems to be the hardest server. You can also play matches on Europe or North American servers for more encounters.

Now, you have already known how to get Conqueror Title in PUBG Mobile fast. Follow the aforementioned tips then put your efforts into achieving it. You will become a professional gamer.

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