PUBG: Loot Map – Which areas have the most loot?

Loot map page provides spots to find the highest concentration of potent weapons, healing items, and more. Click PUBG: Loot Map to get more detail!

PUBG: Loot Map
PUBG: Loot Map

There is no better feeling than jump into a battle with a “tasty” collection of loot filled up your backpack early on.

To help you catch up with the speed of the best loot spawns for every map in PUBG, today’s article will give you a range of guides, including a heatmap of Erangel, Miramar and Sanhok which present the best locations to plunder.

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Erangel Loot Map

You will have the highest concentration of loot here:

  • Sosnovka Military Base: Level 3 helmets, level 3 armor, powerful medical equipment, and assault rifles, everything is on it
  • Pochinki: Here are lots of booty and loads of items to loot, but it is also a dead center of the map
  • Georgopol: Located on the left of the map, stretching along the coastline, where you can fall into a state surrounded by other players. The player’s belongings and items can be found in the container
Erangel Loot Map
Erangel Loot Map

Sanhok Loot Map

Here is the best location to get excelling in the competition on Sanhok:

  • Ruins: This place is an abandoned temple on the map, containing many weapons. Plus, it is flat and open terrain, you can easily face each other. So, be careful when looting items
  • Docks: There are lots of containers with weapons, items and other equipment for gamers to search here
  • Pai Nan: This place is the central town map located along the river. Although the terrain is not very favorable for players, you should try touching this ground to loot
  •  Bootcamp: This is a training camp so the terrain will be flat, tons of weapons for you to loot your backpack
Sanhok Loot Map
Sanhok Loot Map

Điểm neoMiramar Loot Map

Here is the best location to dive in loot on Miramar:

  • Hacienda del Patrón: This place regular occurs fierce clashes, but it is appealing to be filled with genuine items. Therefore, you can freely loot, including weapons, scopes, and level-three armor and a variety of items, healing stuff
  • Campo Militar: many great weapons for players to loot engagingly
  • Los Leons: is the largest city on the map Miramar, there are many items, so you don’t have to seek hard
  • Prison: This area is perfect for survival experts and hobby loot lovers. It contains various guns and essential items, especially at the giant main building
Miramar Loot Map
Miramar Loot Map

We hope that today’s post is useful to you. If you have any questions about PUBG: loot map, don’t hesitate to leave your voice in the comment section below. Thanks for reading!

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