How to only play the old map in PUBG (or the new one!)

The development of PUBG makes it easier for players. But for those who still only love the old maps, this article will show you how to only play the old map in PUBG.

Maps in PUBG
Maps in PUBG

The arrival of new maps (Miramar, Sanhok, and Vikendi) is a significant addition to the choices for players besides Erangel. Along with that, the remake version with increasing the size of the map as well as the location to loot the same map is one of the strategic steps of PUBG Corp to please the fans.

Most of these changes have been well received by the PUBG enthusiast community. But mixed into that, there is still a large number of gamers who are excited to experience the old maps (old versions of maps). This paradox could be explained by having features they like removed in new maps or simply not getting used to new maps altogether.

Here is how to only play the old map in PUBG.

How to only play the old map in PUBG

To be able to only play the old map in PUBG is quite a headache problem but not so that we do not try to find a way, right? Game publishers have been trying hard to create a mechanism that allows you to select the map you want to play proactively. That is the map option feature. You are free to choose any map you want along with the battle mode. This helps to increase control and support tactical calculations for players. The only downside of all this is that it will take you longer to get the map you want. But it was worth a trade-off.

only play the old map in PUBG
only play the old map in PUBG

In addition to supporting players, PUBG Corp also issued a warning to anyone trying to falsify installation files to achieve malicious purposes. Comply well with the rules that were given and play the game civilized!

You should also check for patches on a regular basis because no one can guarantee PUBG will run smoothly for a long time. And although we have not heard any complaints about this new method, the difficulties and risks can come to you at any time.

Điểm neoEach person can choose their style of play. There is no framework for entertainment. Hope this article will help you rediscover gaming inspiration and know how to only play the old map in PUBG.

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