PUBG Lite PC Free Download For Windows PC and Laptops

In 2017, the game world welcomed the release of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), an online game title specified in a multiplayer battle royale.

The game was first introduced on Android. Its version for PC was recently available for Windows.

However, PUBG Lite PC is in its beta phase presented in only a few countries in Asia. Gamers from other parts of the world will have to wait.

But that doesn’t mean the rest of the world doesn’t have a chance to play this fantastic shooting game. People can download PUBG For PC Free and install this light version with the link provided later in this post.
But first, let’s learn about PUBG Lite and what is so amazing about this game.

PUBG Lite Free Download  for PC

File Name: PUBG-Lite-Setup.exe
Size: 61.2 MB

The recommended system to play PUBG Lite: Click here to Download for free

PUBG Lite for Android
PUBG Lite for iOs

Overview of PlayerUnknown’s Battleground


PUBG is not only a shooting game. It packs with survival elements on a field where 100 players will scout and defend themselves.

These survivors will gather weapons, craft, level up, decorate and find ways to move to the central circle and be the last one that lives after evading all other players in one gameplay.

Realistic factors are what add a huge attraction to the game. Not only that, but the gameplay is also a successful approach to the fans of the game that implements action and survival elements.

If you are the last one that stands, a chick dinner will be your reward.

What is PUBG Lite PC?

PUBG Lite for PC is a computer version that doesn’t require a game-dedicated PC to install. This lightest edition aims to players with no high-end machines wishing to play original game without having to invest.

That said, BlueHole has taken a step further to bring this game to novice gamers who usually have computers only for their office use.

So far, the game producer only opens IP for some particular regions such as Thailand, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Brunei, Laos, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, and Singapore.

The newest announcement from PUBG is that they will unlock the Open Beta for the last time before opening the Global on August 8th. This promises a host of exciting updates to all who have been waiting.

Install PUBG Lite for PC

Double click on the download file. In the setup wizard, click “Next”

Agree with the terms, “Next”

Select the location to install, “Next”

Tick if you want to create a desktop shortcut, “Next”

Hit “Install”

When the process finishes, click “Finish” and run the launcher

How to get in the game

Signup for a PUBG account and login

In the screen, press the Download button

Once it’s done, you can hit “Start” and fight your first battle

Control guide of PUBG Lite

You’ll have four maps to join. Each map comes with distinctive characteristics and landscapes.

Erangel: Original and appealing to most beginners. It’s a land of forest, green grass, and complexes ideal for scavenging and hides.

Miramar: A deserted themed region filled with sandy canyons and stiffs. The terrain is relatively empty, making it a level difficult.

Sanhok: Only South-East Asia inspired land with a network of military camps for you to delight and survive.

Training mode: A field where you practice your skills before entering the real battle.

Final lines

Playing PUBG, you will understand why the game draws people around the world to join. From professional gamers to first-time players, all seek for a chance to enjoy the chicken dinner at the end.

It’s a glory to be the head of 100 shooters. If you want to have that bright time once in a while, PUBG gets what you need.
So, are you ready to download PUBG Lite PC now? Join us today and look for more news on our website.

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